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Also known as horizontal-axis clothes washers these are the most prolific design in Europe. All “high-end” washing machines both domestic and commercial around the world fall into this design type. These major appliance washers have an outer tub with an inner perforated drum. Access is through a transparent door in the front of the machine.

The clothes are washed through agitation achieved by back and forth rotation of the drum and gravity. Paddles in the drum lift the clothes which then drop under gravity. This action flexes the fabric weave and forces water and detergent through the material. Water-saving is achieved because the wash action does not require the load to be suspended in water. Less detergent is also required because the foaming action is achieved easily in the tumbling motion. Clothing can be packed in more tightly in front loaders as wet clothing takes up less space than dry. Precaution has to be taken not to overload these machines as this causes excessive wear and tear on the main bearings.

Because less water is used the heating requirements are lower and they use less electricity. Overall the front loader is the most environmentally friendly washer available on the market. Front-loaders have heating elements built in which is far more energy-efficient than using hot water from your geyser. Unlike top loaders, many homes have laundry and kitchen cabinets designed to accommodate front loaders which come in a standard size and only require a water inlet and waste pipe. The other advantage is that these machines are designed to go under counter surfaces and can even be integrated into cupboard space. When you are looking at our range of front loaders for sale you need to keep the above in mind to make sure you are making the correct choice of washing machine for your needs and price range.

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Bosch 10kg Front Loader washing Machine – Silver WAL28PHVZA

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Bosch 10kg washing machine – Silver WGA254XVZA

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Bosch 7kg Front loader Washing Machine – Silver WAJ2017SZA

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Bosch 7kg Front loader Washing Machine – White WAJ20170ZA

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Bosch 8kg Front loader Washing Machine – Silver WAJ2018SZA

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Bosch 8kg Front loader Washing Machine – White WAJ20180ZA

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Bosch 8kg washing machine – Silver WAN2821XZA

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Bosch 9kg Front Loader Washing Machine – Inox WGA144XVZA

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Bosch 9kg Front loader washing machine – Silver WAT28S4SZA

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Bosch 9kg Washing machine – Inox WAT2848XZA

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Defy 10kg Front loader washing machine – Manhattan Grey DAW387

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Defy 12kg Steam Cure Washing Machine – DAW388

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