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Washing machines were invented in the 1850s but people have been doing laundry since they graduated from wearing loincloths. Over the course of centuries the technology for cleaning clothes has evolved from crude manual labour to high technology. In ancient times, peoples cleaned clothes by pounding them on rocks or rubbing them with sand and washing the dirt away in rivers. The metal washboard, a ridged washing surface (still used in some rural communities today!) wasn’t invented until about 1833. Thankfully modern washing machines for sale have come a long way since those early beginnings and we are able to pass this innovation over to you, our customer, to enjoy and benefit from!

Wakefords Home Store stocks a wide variety and large range of laundry equipment, and sources only the best quality for sale, which has been designed to make your washing days a breeze and free you up to get on with the more enjoyable pursuits in life. Our range of washing machines come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be classified into the following four categories, namely, top loaders, front loaders, Washer/Drier Combination Machines and Commercial Washers.

We also stock a range of brands, from entry-level to premium, so you can shop according to your budget and brand. Our dedicated sales and support teams are customer-centric, which means you will always get the best service when dealing with Wakefords Homestore.

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