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Bosch 60cm Gas / Electric cooker – Stainless steel HXQ38AE50M

R17,099.00 R11,499.00

Bosch 90cm Gas/Electric cooker – HSB737357Z

R23,699.00 R21,399.00

Defy 50cm Gas electric stove with 1 solid electric plate – DGS178

R3,999.00 R3,599.00

Defy 60cm Gas electric stove with 1 electric plate – DGS179

R7,099.00 R6,399.00

Defy 90cm New York Multifunction Gas / Electric stove – DGS902

R12,699.00 R11,399.00

Defy New York 60cm Multifunction Gas / Electric stove – DGS602

R8,999.00 R8,199.00

Defy New York 90cm Gas/ Electric Cooker – Silver DGS904

R13,699.00 R12,299.00

Defy New York Twin fan Gas / Electric Cooker – Stainless steel DGS906

R17,999.00 R15,999.00

Elba 120cm Concept Gas / Electric Cooker – 01/120DEX634

R48,999.00 R44,499.00

Elba 130cm Professional Gas / Electric Cooker – 01/136PX634

R51,699.00 R46,999.00

Elba 60cm Fusion Gas Electric Cooker – Black 01/6FX442B

R12,399.00 R10,999.00

Elba 60cm Fusion Gas Electric Cooker – Red 01/6FX442R

R12,399.00 R10,999.00